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Pittsburgh Photo Class: Welcome!

Welcome to Pittsburgh Photo Class!  These are individual and small-group workshops for those that own a DSLR and want to learn how to use their camera in semi-auto and manual modes.  These are hosted at Missy Timko’s Pittsburgh photography studio located in the Point Breeze neighborhood of Pittsburgh or may take place on location for special events and group classes.

What is the current class schedule?

Please note: I am currently scheduling out 2+ months for classes.  Please get in touch to schedule a class in 2-3 months.

I do not have any group classes currently scheduled.  Follow me on Facebook and get on my email list for future class announcements.

Private classes are scheduled in series of 3 classes. Get in touch for details on the 3-hour class series.

You may schedule a private class for yourself or a class for your own group–PPC does not coordinate your group’s scheduling. You may set up a group class if you have at least six people.  Get in touch for details!

Classes are limited September-December due to portrait busy season at Powder Blue Photography.  Individual and group lessons are offered from January-July.

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About Missy

Your instructor is Missy Timko, Pittsburgh portrait photographer at Powder Blue Photography.  Missy has been a professional portrait photographer since 2010 and has been teaching photography and art for over 15 years at the high school and university level.  Please see Missy’s credentials, including MSEd and Bachelor’s degrees in fine arts and art education, on LinkedIn.

What will I learn about?

Photography 101 is a basic class for people who own a DSLR but need guidance in starting to shoot in manual exposure mode.  Some of these classes will incorporate special topics such as photographing children and babies, architecture and real estate, or product and fashion photography.  Photography 201 is a class for those who are a little bit comfortable with manual mode and want more depth and practice in the areas of shooting, editing (Lightroom), and output.  Not sure which class is best for you?  Ask Missy.

Where are you located?

Classes take place in Missy’s Powder Blue Photography studio in Pittsburgh.  This is 15 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh.  Studio directions are here.

Can I host a class for my friends/moms club/party?

Pittsburgh Photo Class is designed to be a get-together for friends, and private classes are available.  You just need 6-15 friends that are enthusiastic about photography that would like to enroll.  Contact Missy for details.

What does it cost?

The Photography 101 individual workshop cost is $150 per hour with a minimum of three hours, scheduled as a series.  All 101 workshops include a printed workbook for each person, snacks, & drinks.  Contact Missy for pricing details on classes for your group.

Is there a prerequisite?

The only requirement is that you own a DSLR, and you will need your camera manual for the 101 class.  Lost yours?  Download it from your camera’s manufacturer website.  All cameras have different menu structures for changing ISO, shutter speed, and aperture, so you should read this how-to section of your own manual before class.  Most people want to learn about taking portraits, so we will spend some of the class talking about taking pictures of people and kids.  However, we can also cover other types of photography (landscape, sports, etc.) depending on the needs of your group.

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Please note: Pittsburgh Photo Class 101 and 201 workshops are not meant for those working as professional photographers or looking to start a business in photography, and topics pertaining to professional photography will not be covered.  To express interest in topics pertaining to professional photography, including lighting, posing, and business, email Missy.